A Gin Lovers Winter

Move over Whisky, we've got this one…

As the mercury drops and long days morph into longer nights there is nothing like a warming Gin drink to warm us up from the inside out. 

Traditionally winter tipples have fallen into the realm of your Red Wines, Whisky & Brandies but we Gin lovers know that it is such a fabulous all-round spirit to be enjoyed all year round, warm or cold, alone or in cocktails – it really is that versatile!

So stoke up that fire, settle onto the sofa and enjoy these Original winter sip tips.

Hot Toddy featuring Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion

Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion Hot Toddy

Our Country Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion was just made to be enjoyed warm! This one will heat you up from the top of your tongue to the tips of your toes! Locally harvested rhubarb and Queensland ginger combine for a delicious warming winter drink.

That being said, if hot drinks aren't your cup of gin, simply hold the ginger & hot water and sip neat!


In a tea glass add;

Slice of Ginger
100ml boiling water
wait 2 minutes before adding
50ml Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion
Slice of apple


Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion

To find out how we make this delicious drop, head on over to The making of Country Rhubarb & Ginger Ginfusion.

If something a little more traditional is your style…

Classic Gin Hot Toddy

In a tea glass

20 ml Lemon Juice
100ml Hot Water
1 tsp Sugar
40 ml Classic Dry Gin
Cinnamon Stick 


Gin... for Whisky lovers?  Single Barrel Reserve

Single Barrel Reserve Gin

Oak Barrels from the Barossa Valley that have played host to Tawny Port for 25 years now have a home in our distillery ageing our Single Barrel Reserve Gin. The quality of the previous tawny occupant, the crystallisation that naturally occurs to form a 'crust' and the climate of the Mornington Peninsula all work together beautifully to produce a unique taste. The result? Barley sugar and toffee combine with orange zest and beautiful oak spice and a very smooth finish - and would you look at that colour!

Best served neat on ice.




Spiced Tawny

Spiced Tawny Port

Yes it’s Tawny, but not like you’ve tasted. Shaking off the typecast notion of Grandma’s port, not only will this one capture the hearts of fortified wine drinkers but a whole new generation are now enjoying this unique drop.

Our Barossa origin Tawny is aged and matured for several years in oak barrels that have held our award-winning Harvest Blend digestive. The result is a well-balanced drop drawing on the influence of the 34 botanicals that combine to make the Harvest Blend.

We won’t judge you if you don’t wish to share, but this drop is best enjoyed amongst friends and with a fabulous cheese platter or desert.



Let's take it Sloe...

Our Wild Sloe is a great cold weather drop. Lush and vibrant, hints of sweet plum and cherry flavours are complemented by deep spice, marzipan and a lingering tart finish.  Best enjoyed neat on ice or in your favourite Sloe Gin Cocktail.

Our Sloe Gin really is a labour of love, from handpicking sloe berries to pricking and washing them, you can find out how is our sloe gin made here.


Original Spirit Co Sloe Gin

Ginfusion Hot Toddy
Single Barrel Reserve Gin
Spiced Tawny Hot Toddy
Sloe Gin
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