Ginfusion, The Story

What do you get when you take gin that little bit further?

In our case, a brand-new range of gin spirits infused with the best natural ingredients available.

After the release of our first Sloe gin in 2016 and the popularity that followed we were emboldened to step out of the traditional gin realm and experiment with new and fresh flavours. Using our Classic Dry gin as a blank canvas, the aim was simple: produce natural, full-bodied and complex flavours with maximum taste.


Creating a new spirit range was no mean feat and after much trial and error, our first Ginfusion was born - Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu. In this case, real fruits and botanicals are stewed; including the peel, pith and juicy core; to give complexity and an unmatched taste sensation. Citrus and gin have always been best friends and after months of development we found just the right balance. Intensely deep citrus aromas explode from the glass with subtle old and new-world gin botanicals coming through after. We knew we were onto a winner!

A Winning Combination

After the great success and enthusiasm of our initial release, Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu Ginfusion, it was obvious that we needed to explore natural ingredients and blending further. Today our small distillery is proud to offer a range of unique and premium Ginfusions which pay homage to the ingredients from which they are made. Whether it be bright and zesty citrus, traditional elderflower with botanicals, or the locally farmed rhubarb from our community, Ginfusion showcases the flavours of the land.

For the adventurous cocktail connoisseur or the professional mixologist, our Ginfusions offer versatility and an avenue for creativity. Best enjoyed as the sweet component in cocktails, Ginfusion’s bold flavours take the classics to the next level. For those of us who appreciate fizz and bubbles; ice, a splash of soda and your favourite garnish is all that is required for a premium and delectable cocktail at home.

Browse our range of Ginfusions and experience Gin differently. 

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