Harvest Blend 2015 Release

The rich harvest of the land and the time-honoured tradition of the artisan go hand in hand.

We are delighted to bring you our latest Harvest Blend EXQ 2015 Release – aged in oak for 6 years.

Original Harvest Blend EXQ is our botanically infused golden spirit, traditionally referred to as a ‘digestif’ made from a specially selected blend of 34 aromatic botanicals from the world’s finest wildcrafted and organic sources. The complexity of such high quality all-natural ingredients adds to the deep sensual notes on the nose and the smooth taste sensation with subtle hints of mint and citrus.

"Flawless pretty deep brassy gold colour is moderately viscous. An intoxicating and sophisticated bouquet unfolds notes of peppermint, chamomile tea, thyme, turmeric, sweet oregano, cinnamon and more. Soft and creamy on entry building with terrific length, the mid palate bursts with vibrancy and complexity in a beautifully harmonised amalgam of sweet spices and dried herbs. Lavender? Orange zest? Finish hints at turmeric, peppermint, chamomile tea and delicately bitter gentian ending clean, lingering and long. A superb potpourri of flavours. Australia's answer to Chartreuse? 40% Alc./Vol."

Yuri Chlebnikowski, Nicks Wine Merchants [nicks.com.au]

95 Points Nicks Wine Merchants95 Points | Nicks Wine Merchants

Origination and inspiration

The founders and owners of Original Spirit Co. Barbara & Christof Richartz, remember harvesting apples together on Barbara's small family farm and orchard in the Mosel region of Germany. From these apples the family would make a clear fruit brandy which was later infused with special herbs that Barbara's grandmother would source on her trips to France. In the European tradition, the result was a ‘digestif’ to be enjoyed after a meal. 

Drawing on this experience and after happening upon a 100-year-old European botanical recipe, Christof was inspired to create something special of his own.

Christof Richartz - Head Distiller Original Spirit Co.

Over a decade, Christof’s passion grew as he experimented, modernised and consulted with a professional German chemist to produce a smoother contemporary flavour in the form of a refined spirit - right here on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Original’s EXQ Harvest Blend shares company with similar traditional spirits such as Chartreuse, Bénédictine, Cognac & Armagnacs, however while it has brandy at its core it is something altogether different. It does not have the sweeter characteristics of its contemporaries but rather, in the traditional German style, it displays a sophisticated and complex bouquet of vibrant herbs and spices to surprise the palate ending in a clean and delicately gentian bitterness.

Original Harvest Blend EXQ

For centuries digestif’s were traditionally designed to be enjoyed after a meal to aid digestion and ease the stomach. Varying styles from across Europe emerged with digestifs produced in the German style historically called ‘bitters’ or ‘tonics’. These days contemporary digestif styles include spirits, fortified wines and liqueurs.

Uncasking Original Spirit Co Harvest Blend EXQ

Every limited-edition release batch is proudly produced in Australia following a time-honoured handcrafted tradition. It’s a pure labour of love produced by our family to ensure we create something special that we can proudly call our own for generations to come.

“Original perfectly sums up this sophisticated spirit. The wonderful aroma and lovely smooth, yet tantalizing bitter note sets the tone straight away. Then the different botanicals come through with hints of mint and citrus. Very well structured, it rolls from the top to the back of the palate beautifully. Very clever!”

Bill Lark, Lark Distillery, World Whiskey Awards, Whiskey Hall of Fame Inductee 2015

Made more exclusive by nature

A blend of 34 wildcrafted and organic botanicals give EXQ its unique taste

The all-natural maceration and distillation process is quite complex with some botanicals distilled in our copper artisan handmade still, while others are steeped separately. This careful process ensures the unique characteristics of each individual ingredient is preserved and allowed to reach its full potential ensuring there is no harsh bitterness.

Once distilled, the blend is aged in old oak barrels which originate from the Barossa Valley. This further adds to the extra smooth, long-lasting taste experience across the entire palate.

25 year old oak barrels from the Barossa Valley are used to age and mature Original Spirit Co.'s Harvest Blend EXQ

Each batch can vary slightly due to different variables involved; the uniqueness of the barrels, the seasonality of the botanicals and the overall batch size. In our newest release, the maturation of 6 years in oak has produced a much smoother and more complex spirit.

The overall result is our highly ‘Original’ luminous refined golden spirit. Its exquisite nature and outstanding character are recognised by the EXQ printed on every bottle.

An ancient ritual to share

The distinctive ‘O’ crest represents the ancient ritual of coming together to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. Sharing the joy of the moment over a drink and a story – in an unbroken ring of friendship. We recommend you do the same, sharing a story or two with an intimate circle of friends. Ideally enjoy the full experience neat, so as not to dilute the moment. However, please enjoy in moderation.

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