Father's Day 2023 - Christoph's Top Picks For The Man Of All Tastes

For the guy who appreciates a masterfully crafted spirit, a quality beverage is always a good choice.

Here are our top Original picks for man-gifting courtesy of our distiller Christoph. We guarantee he knows a thing or two about a good drop, after all he is the magician behind all our Gins and Original creations including our Spiced Tawny.

Christoph's Father's Day Pick #1

Original Classic Dry Gin

At the top of Christoph's list is our Classic Dry Gin. Really, you can’t go past it. Super smooth, perfectly balanced and weighing in at a deceptive 40% ABV, our Classic Dry is Juniper forward with bold citrus and exquisite floral notes. He’ll love it;

  • In a classic G&T (with lime)
  • In a dry Martini
  • In a Gin Sour
  • In a Negroni

If you'd like to learn more about our Classic Dry head over and have a read here: The Making Of Our Classic Dry Gin.


Christoph's Father's Day Pick #2

Blood Orange Ginfusion 

Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu Ginfusion 

Even though nothing rhymes with orange, everything goes with the one and only Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu Ginfusion.

Our first Ginfusion burst onto the scene in 2016 to give gin drinkers a full flavoured Gin experience. Made by masterfully blending our classic dry gin with the juice from real blood oranges and Yuzu, it is intense and delicious. Still our best-seller and (just about) universally loved by everyone, he’ll love it;

  • neat over ice
  • with a splash of tonic
  • with soda
  • in a bloody Negroni

Christoph's Father's Day Pick #3

Applewood Smoked Gin

Applewood Smoked Gin 42.6% ABV

Not for the faint hearted! If you know a guy who loves gin AND, if he loves a really peaty Scotch Whisky this one could be right up his alley.

Juniper berries are smoked with Applewood chips before distillation and then the gin is aged in a French Acacia Barrel. This smoky Gin is fabulous as a 'breakfast' or 'brunch' gin. It pairs beautifully with Cloudy Apple Juice or Dry Ginger Ale (bacon optional...). He’ll love it:

  • neat over ice
  • in a Smoky Apple Highball with cloudy or sparkling apple juice 
  • in a Smoky Gin Mule

Christoph's Father's Day Pick #4

Original Spiced Tawny Port 

Spiced Tawny

Yes, it’s Tawny, but not like you’ve tasted. Our Barossa origin Tawny is aged and matured for several years in oak barrels that have held our award-winning Harvest Blend digestive (or, digestif).

Don’t judge him if he doesn’t wish to share, this drop is best enjoyed with a fabulous cheese platter or dessert - a perfect way to end his father’s day.

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